Bees at Work
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DBKA Committee Members

 Chairman- Annette McGaughey

Vice-Chair- Nicola Dexter



Secretary- Debra Hirst

Treasurer- David Hirst

Membership Secretary - Shirley Bond

Committee Members:

Richard Bond

Claire Hagon

Ian Hoadley

Ray Murphy

Mark Scott


Darlington Beekeepers Association is a friendly group of people who get together to promote the craft of beekeeping. We also provide our members the education, training and support needed to gain the most from this fascinating hobby. 

The other main function of the Association is to inform the wider public about the important role that the honey bee (Apis Mellifera) plays in our natural environment. We also promote the protection of that environment.

As an affiliate of both the British Beekeepers Association and Yorkshire Beekeepers Association, Darlington Beekeepers Association discourages the importation of both honey bee queens and colonies from outside the UK.