Monthly Events for DBKA Members

March 2022
16th - Starting 2022 Season Q&A. If you have any burning questions before we get going with this years season then pop along to St Anne's Church Hall, Darlington @ 1900 and put your question to the panel.

April 2022
20th - Pollen Microscopy. Come along to St Anne's Church Hall, Darlington @1900 and have an introduction to microscopy and have look at some pollen under the microscope.

May 2022
14th - Denes Apiary Open Day (1200 - 1400). Come along and have a look at what we do at the Denes and meet some of the bee keepers and of course the bees.

18th - First meeting down at the Apiary @ The Denes, Widdowfield Street, Darlington. Practical demonstration of swarm control techniques.

If any members would like a specifc subject to be covered then please drop an email to and we will look to add to the programme.