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Bee Identification



Bumblebees rarely sting. They are furier, stripey and larger than honeybees. They are important and should be left alone. Colonies die out in the autumn

Solitary Bee.jpg

Solitary Bee

Solitary bees are tiny, furry and rust coloured. There are over 225 types in the Uk and they live in little holes in the wall. They pose no threat to humans or animals and should be left alone.



Always after sweet things. Smooth, bright yellow and black stripes and a high pitched buzz. Wasps are still pollinators.

Swarm collectors can not collect wasps.

EU Hornet.jpg

European Hornet

Very big, loud buzz, yellow and chestnut brown stripes. They usually live in woodlands and are important pollinators. Swarm collectors do not collect Hornets

Asian Hornet.jpg

Asian Hornet

Dark brown or black with yellow tipped legs, yellow band on the body and yellow face. Slightly smaller than European one. If found Do Not disturb. Take a photo and send to:



Honeybee Swarm

Honeybees are small and vary in colour from golden to almost black. If they're in your building                    . Otherwise please call 07740510205 

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